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chapter 1: Egoism and Moral Scepticism

Chapter 2: Religion, Morality and Conscience

Chapter 3:Master and Slave Morality

Chapter 4: Trying out one's new sword 

Chapter 5: Utilitarianism

Chapter 6: The Debate over Utilitarianism

Chapter 7: The categorical imperative

Chapter 8: Happiness and Virtue

Chapter 9: The Nature and Value of Rights

Chapter 10: Taking Rights Seriously

Chapter 11: A Theory of Justice

Chapter 12: The Need for More Than Justice 

Casas Bahia:fulfilling a dream


virgin sale 

10 new ideas that I learn from the talk


Chapter 1: The market at the bottom of pyramid

Chapter 2: Products and services for the BOP

Chapter 3: BOP A Global Opportunity

Chapter 4: The Ecosystem for Wealth Creation

Chapter 5: : Reducing Corruption: Transaction Governance Capacity

Chapter 6: Development as Social Transformation




3 books:

Ethical Relativism

The Question on Norm of Morality

The Morality of Human Acts 


12 principle


National Library:

existing ucd ad.doc

propose ucd ad.doc


strength and weakness of professional code


ICICI bank



chapter 1: Foundation of information Ethic

Chapter 2: Milestones in the History of Information and Computer Ethics

Chapter 3: Moral Methodology and Information Technology

Chapter 4: Value Sensitive Design and Information system

Chapter 5:Personality-based, rule-utilitarian, and Lockean Justifications of Intellectual Property

Chapter 6: Informational Privacy: Concepts, Theories, and Controversies

Chapter 7: Online Anonymity

Chapter 8: Ethical Issues Involving Computer Security: Hacking, Hacktivism, and

Chapter 9: Information Ethics and the Library Profession

Chapter 10: Ethical Interest in Free and Open Source Software

Chapter 11: Internet Research Ethics: The Field and Its Critical Issues

Chapter 12: Health Information Technology: Challenges in Ethics, Science, and Uncertainty

Chapter 13: Ethical Issues of Information and Business

Chapter 14: Responsibilities for Information on the Internet

Chapter 15: Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation

Chapter 16: Genetic Information: Epistemological and Ethical Issues

Chapter 17: The Ethics of Cyber Conflict

Chapter 18: A Practical Mechanism for Ethical Risk Assessment—A SoDIS Inspection

Chapter 19: Regulation and Governance of the Internet

Chapter 20: Information Overload

Chapter 21: Email spam

Chapter 22: The Matter of Plagiarism: What, Why and If

Chapter 23: Intellectual Property: Legal and Moral Challenges of Online File Sharing

Chapter 24: Censorship and Access to Expression

Chapter 25: The Gender Agenda in Computer Ethics Chapter 25: The Gender Agenda in Computer Ethics

Chapter 26: The Digital Divide: A Perspective for the Future

Chapter 27: Intercultural Information Ethics


modified multi-dimensional scale chualim


pie chart.xls

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